Business Management

Management is the set of actions that are taken within the operations of a company, which aim to improve, to eliminate and to deploy rules and guidelines that align the business’s mission and vision.


The critical elements of business management that will be the base of our analyses and of our actions are:


  • Capital Structure;

  • Marketing Strategy;

  • Positioning;

  • Processes;

  • Organization;

  • Information Systems;

  • Planning;

  • Management Information/Reporting.

Our work can be done in two ways, preferably inserted into a larger-scaled project that encompasses value creation to shareholders:


  • A project formatted as a “hands-on” consulting project, in which the team has no executive responsibilities; or

  • With executive responsibilities ("Interim Management"), by allocating top executives (CEO, COO or CFO) with recognized experience and proven track-record to achieve the expected results for the project.


In both cases our remuneration will always have a significant component directly linked to the obtained results in the project.