In the process of value creation to shareholders, Mergers and Acquisitions has a key role, in which it:


  • Facilitates an accelerated growth, albeit inorganic

  • Raises funds in the form of "equity"

  • Provides liquidity to shareholders' equity

Thus, as part of its portfolio of enterprise solutions, A3mais is able to assist shareholders in these types of projects, including, but not limited to:


  • "Valuation"

  • Information Set-up ("Info Memo and Data Room")

  • Identification of Business and/or Investor Targets

  • "Due Diligence"

  • Negotiation

  • Close of Transaction

  • Transition Monitoring

We can also conduct projects on behalf of investors who are interested in starting or expanding their operations in the country through acquisitions. One of our key differentiators is the active participation, aligned with that of the interests of new shareholders, in the transition process that the management of the acquired company goes through.


Mergers and Acquisitions