Real Estate Deals

A3mais procures real-estate deals by identifying opportunities, which aim at the creation of financial products tailored to market demands. Through this process, we operate in:


  • Sourcing of land for construction;

  • Funding of projects that need financial resources;

  • Economic and real-estate feasibility studies;

  • Project development



This manner permits for the real-estate deals to be structured with minimal technical risks, and for improved financial results for the product. To follow through we take responsibility for all the documentation that is necessary to ensure the legal viability of the projects in each of the different types of operations, and to:


  • analyze possible investment scenarios;

  • promote partnerships for implementation of the project; and

  • structure and/or monitor the whole real estate development process

To consummate deals, we seek domestic and international investors, through presentations and road-shows, by offering products that have a range of financial returns and risk types, that are suitable to various investor profiles.


Our projects are tailored to:


  • individual investors;

  • institutional investors;

  • companies;

  • private-pension funds


We can also be responsible for allocating and managing resources, through a Real-Estate Development Fund, that:


  • monitors and audits the various stages of development;

  • accesses on an on-going basis the financial performance and profitability of the business;

  • distributes the financial results of the business